We are a community sharing healing approaches to autoimmune.

Healing From Autoimmune

about our community

Our community is about learning how to heal our bodies, minds and souls when faced with an autoimmune diagnosis.

In our community, we focus on the principles of healing to bring our bodies back into harmonious alignment. These principles include digestive, nutritive and emotional health as foundations that ignite the natural healing energies within our bodies.

The digestive system and the brain are in constant communication. In fact, our neurotransmitters are housed in the gut and when our gut is impaired, we can suffer unnecessarily from depression, anxiety, brain fog, as well as inflammatory conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders, skin concerns, joint pain, bone loss and emotional health.

Your host, Kara Louise, works with her clients in programs that blend health coaching with systems biology-based functional medicine. By determining the proper physical and emotional nourishment, we empowered to design our own physically and spiritually healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

why you should join

Perhaps you’re exhausted and wondering if life always has to feel like you are a hamster on a wheel, going nowhere. You’re tangled in a web of medical tests and diagnoses and you’re not sure what it all means. Perhaps you've discovered your own keys to healing and want to share them with others. 

This is your community, your village. Our community is positive, supportive and educational.

Healing From Autoimmune is meant to change the conversation about what predisposes you to autoimmune and what true healing requires. More than just nourishing diet, regular physical movement, and toxin-less habits, we must also have a spiritually nourishing community as medicine for the soul.

what is included

What is included in Healing From Autoimmune?

We have a huge roadmap of information that will be included in our community including:

  • Healing protocols and guides
  • Nutrition guides, meal plans and recipes
  • Live conversations with Kara Louise, Functional Medicine Practitioner and other community healers, guest hosts and speakers
  • A private, safe forum to give you the opportunity to connect personally with other Healing With Autoimmune members. You’ll have the chance to share your self-healing journey, troubleshoot what’s working and what’s not in your healing journey, seek guidance from other community healers, find those who live close to you so you can connect in real life (if you like), and know that you will be loved and supported through your healing journey
  • Discounts off professional-grade supplements, functional tests and other services and products
  • Referral program where you can earn complimentary functional medicine coaching time (1:1) just for referring new community members
  • And more to come . . . (we have a huge project roadmap so lock in your subscription price today!)

why should you join us?

  1. Meet people like us. Join our community to meet people like you who are learning the juicy secrets to healing, get and give support to people dealing with the same health concerns you have, or who care about the same topics.
  2. Make better decisions. Learn how to make better, more well-informed decisions about your health and the things that are most important to you.
  3. Find inspiration. Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspectives each and every day.
  4. Share stories. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily medical advice) around our shared healing mission.
  5. Get answers. Navigate topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers (the stuff you can’t Google or can't find on Facebook).
  6. Have an impact. Actively contribute to the community we're building online and in real life so that together we can have a positive impact on each other.
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